Other Programs

Self Sufficiency and Economic Empowerment Program

INTBN promotes and supports female self sufficiency and economic empowerment. The organization provides minimal financial assistance and guidance for females to start their own small local businesses. This empowers the women to be self reliable, financially productive and adding to the economic growth of their families, communities, nation and the world.

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Health and Education Fairs and Events

Health fairs are an effective way to provide valuable health information and screening services to the community. INTBN provides informative health fairs to community organizations, churches, senior citizens facilities and groups. We provide valuable medical information at these events , some these events basic screenings for Diabetes and Hypertension.

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“Helping to enrich essential building blocks in under served communities that help improve and empower the lives of its people by providing free health education/awareness and educational support services.”


“To be an invaluable international powerhouse with resource centers and offices in under served communities worldwide.  These centers will house varied departments that will focus on health awareness and education issues that affect the individuals, families, communities in which we serve to help bring about improvement in self esteem and awareness that will lead to an increase in self sufficiency, responsibility and productivity.”


  • Increase prevention, awareness and compliance of infectious and non infectious diseases in the communities we serve and maintenance/management of diseases.
  • Provide educational opportunities
  • Provide job opportunities for the disabled and disadvantaged people in the community
  • Increase self esteem
  • Increase productivity and socio economic development

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